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•   Kathryn E. Small (Dute/Wright)  9/22
•   Karen Moyer (Moyer)  9/16
•   Carol Chapin (Wallace)  8/9
•   Jim Fisher  7/23
•   Steve Seely  7/22
•   Carole (Kari) Morton  7/19
•   Martin T. Carlson  5/11
•   George H. Stam  3/1
•   Wayne E. Dewey  2/28
•   Nancy Topham (Mueller)  1/27
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Hello classmates,
Proverbial long-time listener first time caller here. I have read with interest posts from various good friends and classmates from both class of 68 and class of 69 and enjoyed our reunion two years ago. Many many thanks and eternal gratitude to Nancy Ferris for pulling this whole shebang together at least for our class and to Mike Rose for generosity and continuity. Notes from the fringe:I was able through this medium to contact an old high school girlfriend Patti Leonard and also to connect with Allan Kirkpatrick and Sue Dischinger with whom I hope to be spending a day or two a week from now in Colorado. Shout out to all the great folks from those halcyon pre-upheaval (at least in Pittsford)! years of 66 and 67 and a brief reflection on 1969 and 70: who knew that we would be doing this again 50 years later??? iIn retrospect it was a foregone conclusion. Hope to see you all on the right side of history

Jeff Craven