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04/17/22 02:07 PM #148    

Nancy K. Ferris (Hammer)

Chris Currier reached out to let us know that his twin brother Craig has passed away.  Please keep them and their families in your thoughts.

11/28/22 09:09 AM #149    

Thomas C. Junker

Hi all-

As was posted a few days ago, my brother Dave passed away on September 2nd. As some of you know, he was my fraternal twin and my only sibling. We did everything together growing up in Pittsford, and remained close ever since. He had spent almost 42 years on kidney dialysis, 3 days a week, each treatment 6 hours door to door. He never complained. He was the bravest, purest of heart man I have ever known, or ever will know. I am comforted by the fact that his passing when he did saved him from more pain. But I will miss him so much. He was smarter than me; more accomplished; more talented; more coordinated; better-looking; more athletic; a better golfer; and 5 and ½ inches taller than me, but I loved him anyway, very much, and always will. I literally and figuratively looked up to him. I was able to be with him in the hospital after he fell, and tell him that I loved him and that he was the greatest brother anyone could have. And he told me the same thing. So I have that to remember, along with so many other memories of him. Love you, bro. –Tom 

11/28/22 08:16 PM #150    


Chris Currier

I wanted to pass along to you, my sincere condolences on the passing of your twin. As you may know, my twin died in April, and while I have experienced the death of my mother and father, my daughter, and many family, members, and friends, the death of a twin is something that can only be understood from twins themselves. Their sense of closeness and their identities are wrapped up in each other. My best wishes to you, Chris Currier.

11/30/22 10:10 AM #151    

Donald Lewis (Lewis)

Dear Tom, such an eloquent tribute to your brother. He was so brave -- 42 years on dialysis. I miss the days when the three of us hung out together on Maywood Avenue. I am sure you will find comfort in your own memories of Dave. Thinking of you, Don Lewis

12/01/22 12:09 PM #152    


Dennis Jones

12/01/22 12:11 PM #153    


Dennis Jones

Don't understand why it's sideways as it looked fine in the preview? Bill we miss you here in the Village ... guess we will have to wait for 6-9-23 @ 6 to 9!

12/01/22 12:16 PM #154    


Dennis Jones

Tom and Chris ... forgive me as I just read your posts after I finished buttering up Bill Carpenter. I'm feeling sad due to the recent losses that I've noticed. Now I see your posts and  the emotions attached. Sincere condolences dear classmates. This age 72 thing is becoming too serious for this PITTSFORD Kid!

01/17/23 12:28 AM #155    

Nancy K. Ferris (Hammer)

Linda Herd sent a message to us letting us know that Jim passed away September 1st after a short battle with cancer.  Please keep his family in your thoughts.

01/17/23 10:53 AM #156    

Kevin O'Brien (OBrien)

I am saddened to hear about Jim. We were very good friends in High School and we attended

MCC together. We would go for lunch between classes in either his yellow Oldsmobile with the 

8 track tape player or my old 1961 Ford Falcon. GOOD MEMORIES !  He will be truly missed.

Kevin O'Brien "68"

05/17/23 06:25 PM #157    

Nancy K. Ferris (Hammer)

Saddened to hear of Steve Archer's passing.

A celebration of his life will be celebrated Friday, May 19th from 3-7 PM at the Powderhorn Lodge in Powder Mill Park.


Steve's obituary can be found at (Stephen L Archer).

05/25/23 08:35 PM #158    

Nancy K. Ferris (Hammer)

I am sad to share the news of another classmate who has passed away.  Donna Petrano passed away 4/18/21. Thank you to Tina Klaus letting us know.

I have also attached the obituary for Ann Emerson Mott.

05/26/23 08:36 AM #159    

Dorothy A. Aldrich (Oakes)

So Sorry to read this about Ann(Emerson).  She was always so nice and smiled , remember her growing up with her and school days all through Pittsford.       Dottie 


11/15/23 06:32 PM #160    

William Carpenter

It is with great sadness that I inform you that Ernie DiBella passed away today. Was a great friend that I have lots of good memories with. Will miss you Stumper. Will share arrangements when they are known.

11/16/23 08:38 AM #161    

Chris Williams

Sad to hear.    RIP my friend

11/16/23 06:25 PM #162    

Jane E. Hagerdorn (Pavone)

Such sad news.

Stay healthy classmates!

11/17/23 11:02 AM #163    

Jim Schinzing

so sad Ernie passing.He was a feared competitor on the wrestling mat.RIP


11/17/23 12:15 PM #164    

Susan George (Chazan)

So sorry to hear about Ernie's passing!

11/17/23 02:28 PM #165    

William Carpenter

Calling hours for Ernie DiBella will be on December 2, from 2 to 4. Johnson Kennedy Funeral Home, 47 N Main St, Canandaigua. There will be no formal funeral service.

11/17/23 03:45 PM #166    

Nancy K. Ferris (Hammer)

I am sad too announce another classmate lost.  Doug Luke (68) passed away in September of 1971.

A link to his obituary is below.

11/17/23 06:18 PM #167    

Laura Gilbert

So sad that Ernie is gone.  He was eveybody's friend.  Such a big heart and kind smile.  We were lucky to have him in our class.

11/20/23 12:33 PM #168    

William Carpenter

I have recently been informed that Paul Pilo passed on Jyly 12 of this year. Doug Swetmasn foun the obituary for Paul who resided in California.

11/21/23 01:58 PM #169    

Scott R. Hineline

So sad to hear that Mike Rose, Ernie DiBella, and Paul Pilo have passed. RIP my friends.

11/29/23 07:25 PM #170    

Donna Neufeglise (White)



Donna Neufeglise11/29/23

So sad to see  another classmate and good friend pass.
Ernie was an amazing athlete and made PCS proud.

I saw him a few times over the past couple years.  Always a pleasure to talk with.

My sympathy and prayers to his daughter Lindsay , Elsa and family  🌹









01/27/24 12:26 PM #171    


Alice J. (Aj. ) Zissler

Dear Bill Carpenter, thank you for your time & effort to search the Internet and updates classmates who we've lost.  Much appreciated.


02/27/24 06:02 PM #172    

Laurie Butcher (Marston)

As Nancy indicated, Laurie Williams Moore passed away on Sunday February 25. The funeral home has posted additional information here:


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