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07/24/14 05:19 PM #1    

Bob Legge

Greg was genuine and sincere, with a verve for life and a truly incredible ability to play bass and bass guitar.  At the time of his death he was a member of two bands playing regular gigs around the Rochester region.  He lived in Canandaigua and was renovating a house there. 

I'll miss Greg's off-beat humor, his adventurous spirit, and his music recommendations, which always seemed to be ahead of their time.  Example:  Spirit's "Fresh Garbage" and their influence on Led Zeppelin.   He was there at Fillmore East when the Allman Brothers recorded the live double album which rocketed them to success.

Dan Goodenow and I had the pleasure to spend a day with Greg a year or so before his death, jamming together at my farm in Wayne County before heading out for a sail on Lake Ontario.

I'll long remember his smile, his laugh, and his perceptive comments on everything. 

RIP, brother Greg.

07/24/14 08:02 PM #2    

Dennis Jones

I remember Greg as a cool guy .... friendly .... I think he was on Musket Lane? Didn't know he was a guitar Man!

07/25/14 09:53 AM #3    

Jim Fisher

I recall Greg lived in Crescent Hills next to the Pittsford/Palmyra exit off 440.  I lived in Green Valley which was the next neighborhood east.  I can't say I knew Greg all that well having left the Pittsford area after my sophmore year.  My recollection was he was a quiet person with some depth that wasn't readily apparent.  Glad to hear he was able to enjoy his passion for music.

07/25/14 10:27 AM #4    

Shelley E. Moress

Greg even though I did not remember you from high schooll RIP, run free fly free and be free always, shelley

07/26/14 06:02 PM #5    

William J. Lauter

I remember Greg as he lived in my neighbor hood and we spent  some time together after school. I am sad by his passing but he certainly enjoyed music and I am sure he is still playing  .Best wishes Greg!

Bill lauter

07/27/14 08:48 AM #6    

Jim Womeldorf

Greg moved into my neighborhood of Crescent Hills in fifth grade and remained a great friend throughout our school years. Certainly influenced by the music we played together in the various iterations of The Last Straw (with Bob, Dan, Dan and sometimes John),  Greg shared his existential musings and other adventures of friendship with me during our college years and beyond. When I moved to Colorado in 1977,   we might have grown physically apart but we maintained a strong connection. We never failed to call and write each other on our birthdays  (before the internet) or visit if I was in the Rochester area.

I never saw Greg shine so brightly as when I took him on a canoe trip down the Colorado River back in 1990; he was awestruck while floating through the red sandstone canyons and wild spaces.  His passing was truly a loss for me and all who knew him, and it has left a hole in my life that will remain so in memory of a wonderful and unique person. Noodle on, friend Greg!    Jim Womeldorf

01/29/17 04:24 PM #7    

Dan Goodenow

I appologise for adding this so late.  At first it took me quite a while to understand the implications of Greg's death and how it was affecting me.  I still think of him often. 

As Boston mentioned, we had gotten together at Boston's farm and had a long afternoon jam for the first time since high school.  Greg was by far the most successful muscian that came out of our old group.  He was also the most serious about music and at the time of his death was playing in 3 different bands.  One funny thing was that after running thru one of my original songs, we stopped at the end and I turned to him and said "Wow, that sounded great!"  With a fairly serious face, he replied, "If you want, I can add a lot more notes."  The guy could play the base!  We had made plans that afternoon to possibly work together on some of my tunes and have more fun.  We didn't get to do that.

Greg was the leader of our high school band.  He handled the bookings, the money and with Jim, selected a lot of the songs.  Me, I just followed along with 3 to 5 chords and sang a few of the songs.  I will say, that the band, along with football, gave me the direction and camaraderie I needed and was the focus of my life in Pittsford.  I owe a lot to Greg for keeping the band going and providing that sense of accomplishing something and of course the frendships with my bandmates.  Like teammates, they remain near and dear.


Thank you Greg...

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