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•   John Webster  7/14
•   Deborah (Andie) Anderson (Hansen)  7/10
•   Carol Corcoran  7/8
•   Thomas Rahn  7/2
•   James D. (Jim) Richardson  7/2
•   John Morris (Morris)  7/1
•   Mike Rose  6/30
•   Wendy Dischinger (VanVoorhis)  6/28
•   Mark P. Patterson  6/27
•   Bill Taylor  6/27
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•   John C. Bettinger  7/22
•   Barbara J. Olmsted (Aaker)  7/22
•   Jim Womeldorf  7/22
•   Tom May  7/23
•   Ernie DiBella  7/24
•   Thomas C. Colwell  7/27
•   Richard J. Divincenzo  7/27
•   Craig A. Schreck  7/27
•   Sandy Edgerton (Odenbach)  7/29
•   Stephen B. Satterwhite  8/2
•   Cynthia (Candy) Cleveland (Wigand)  8/6
•   Pamela F. Farley (Postgate)  8/10
•   Robert W. Searl  8/13
•   Richard T. Williams  8/13
•   Norine Stagnitto (Rausch)  8/14
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Know the email address of a missing Classmate? Click here to contact them!


Check out this video/movie:

Old Pittsford footage circa 1956

Not sure how it got here and it is 24 minutes long but some of you may be in it as 5 year olds and it does show the Spring House where we will celebrate our 50th (now Monroes) around minutes 8-9 and the Lincoln Ave and the High School around minutes 21-22 as well as the PI, Hicks, Mc Connells,local churches, etc.

Someone is doing a great job because we are getting new signups daily.  Thanks!

The reunion committee is actively planning for our 50th reunion which will be held on Friday October 11 and Saturday October 12. Several of you have contacted us and asked what you can do to help even though you aren’t local.  Here are some items that we need your assistance with!

  1. Look at the listing of Missing Classmates below.  We sorted out the 68ers from the list on our website so this should be only the missing class of 1969 members.  If you know the whereabouts of any of these classmates please reach out to them and encourage them to register on our site. We have also included some suggestions on how to go about your search courtesy of Dennis Jones ’68 who did this last year.*
  2. Do you have any pictures from past reunions? If you do please email them to Bill Carpenter at
  3. We are creating a commemorative booklet and would love to have a recent photo of you and your significant other. We pledge we will use these only in the booklet and will not post any online. You can send your picture to Bill Carpenter at

*Use apps like Zaba, Findpeople and Peoplefinder to get addresses for missing classmates with the same name and age (67-68). Some were found on Facebook. Dennis then wrote, emailed or called them on the phone and asked them to access and sign up on our website.

David E. Altman

Deborah Anderson (Osisneg)

Peggy Anderson (Anderson)

Steve Anderson

Bradley Avey

Douqlas M. Bader

Betsy Balling (Trevoy)

Rebecca Bilow (McCabe)

Dave Braal

Daniel D. Casey

Karen Cayo (Chalmer)

Robert Chambers

Robert P. Chapman

John Clayton

Charles E. Coene

Carol Czaja (Czaja)

George Darcy

Susan DeJoy (DeJoy)

Tony Del Re

Ann Dunlea (Dunlea)

Bethany L. Eckert (Eckert)

Janet E. Edwards (Martin)

Sonny Elliot

Dennis G. Erwin

Paul C. Finley

Clarence Garling

Debra Anne Glamack (Glamack)

Mike Gordon

Phillip Harnish

Susan Hart (Morrison)

Richard W. Hartman

Karen Haynie (Darcy)

William P. (Peter) Heggeness

Charles Henion

Rick Holcomb

Elizabeth Hopkins (Hopkins)

Rhonda Hugenbruch (Tiefert)

Jim Huntoon

Patricia A. Hurst (Hurst)

Leigh A. Jary (Jary)

Eric W. Keller

Dawn Kelsey (Kelsey)

Mark Kelsey

Bruce Kempe

Cynthia E. Kennedy (Kennedy)

Merrill J. Kleinerman

Kathryn Koch (Digiovanni)

Heather E. Lalik (Lalik)

Barb Lindberg (Thompson Rn)

Ruth Lindt (Lindt)

Dave S. Lund

Terry Manicone

Mark Mariner

Debbie Masseth (Price)

Harry Maybee

Judy McGarity (Costa)

Nancy Meckling (Litllefield)

Mark Montroll

Cynthia K. Mooney (Mooney)

John B. Morris

Chris Murray (Murray)

Linda A. Mustillo (Mustillo)

Daniel E. Osbelt

Carl Parker

Vicki Paron (Paron)

John M. Patrou

Charles M. Pauley

Fred Phieffer

Theodoreo A. Philips Jr

Janet L. Rau (Pioli)

Rick Rosenthal

Tim G. Rothwell

Philip H. Schreyer

Bob Schultz

Joe Scympcoweicz

Leigh Seehafer

Charles Silco

Peter S. Simmons

Gary Simon

Jean M. Snyder (Snyder)

Kathy L Spellman (Spellman)

Stephen V. Spezzano

Betty Squires (Crain)

Carol Stenger (Stenger)

John Summerhays

Greg Swalbach

Pat Sweeney (Keith)

Donna G. Taylor (Taylor)

Tuomo Aarne Juhani Tikkanen (Tikkanen)

Donald Trevoy

Cynthia Truant

Mimi Tutihasi (Tutihasi)

Sue Warden (Comparatto)

Terry Warden

Debra E. Wax (Oaks)

William Weegar

Steve Witcowicz

Debbie Wood (Frohm)

Dorothy Wood (Weiss)

Nancy Works (Tadio)

William Worthy

Karen A. Wright (Wright)

Robert G. Wright

Mike Zoppoth


Reunion Committee