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02/20/17 08:10 AM #109    

Dan Goodenow

Just some quick comments before I start work:


Thanks for the pictures, I just went on-line and did a quick search on "Fruit-O-Matic" vending machines and  a company in Glendale, CA came up showing an advertizing poster that was an exact match.  I definately had the color wrong.  The caption said it was from the 50's.  Judging by the two kids in the photo, I would have to agree with that.  I love their outfits!  Pretty funny.  Do I have it correct in that we were only allowed to wear blue jeans on Fridays?  I used to tell that to my boys and they'd get a hoot out of that too.


Troop 19?  Was that the same one that Bob, Jim and Greg were in?  Kropp and I were in the Bushnell Basin troop in 8th grade.  I also reached Star.  Kropp beat me out and reached Life...


Yea, that was it, Pepe!  About your back, My one son Paul has had a bad back in the same place, for about a year now and it is really a handicap.  I can imagine how that cheering bending and so on could be bad.  In college, I took one gymnastics class and after learning just a basic hand spring as a part of the required moves, I said to myself, "Okay Dan, that's enough of this".  The instructor was Gene Wettstone, a former olympic coach and after giving me a 9.0 on my final hand spring test, he turned to me and said, "Dan, I appreciacte your effort in class, but you really won't go far with this." I asked why and he said, Because you don't have any kinesthetic sense."  I asked, what's that? and he said, "It's when your brain knows what your body parts are doing as they are moving!"  All I can say is that he got that one correect!  Maybe he saved my back.  To this day I enjoy watching sports like gymastics, figure skating and so on...  The operative word is "watching".


I didn't know Jay well, but I agree, he did seem like a gentle soul back then.


Did get to chat with coach Borrosh at the last reunion.  Don't know if you remember that our track was built around the baseball field instead of the typical football field.  In all my years, I've never seen another one that shape.


I had Coach Ordiway as my driver ed instructor.  Had Wendy Dischinger and Jeff Lewis in the car.  I still remember Jeff's first drive on I think it was called the expressway.  Great fun...


How cool that you still like to sing.  I was in a school chorus in 7th grade in a diiferent town and got pushed off the risers during a school concert. That was the end of that type of singing.  I still like to sing and do some open-mike, singer-songwriter singing and guitar stuff around MA.  Bob Legge had and still has a great voice.  He did most of the singing in our old HS band.

It amazes me how many students of our class ended up teaching.  Dan Kropp not only was a teacher, but became a Principal!  I'd love to have been sent down to his office for dicipline!  "But Mr Kropp, I was told that back in your day, you....  :)  He retired and works in the energy conservation field now.  Soon to retire from that.  Bob Legge, Dan and Jim Womeldorf and I still email frequently.  All are doing well...

The other thing that amazes me is how many clubs, sports and activities we had available to us.  Our local high school of about the same size has about half of those offered back in our PCS days.  Is it just my local school?


02/20/17 02:59 PM #110    


Wendy Dischinger (VanVoorhis)


I've been reading along and enjoying my memories!!! I do remember our driver ed class with Mr. Ordiway!  I was picking my daughter up from school in Victor, probably 1991 and I saw Mr. Ordiway, which I knew couldn't be!! When she got in the car I pointed him out and said he looked exactly like my driver ed teacher! She said it's  " Mr. Ordiway, football coach and driver ed teacher." It was his son! Blew me away!  Select chorus and Harold McCulliffe is my fondest memory! He really was there for me. Mrs. Spicer was my first teacher to greet me when I joined the freshman class in October from Henrietta. Didn't retain a lot of Latin but loved her. Continued visiting her after she retired. Never had Sally Covington but spent time with her (long story) listening to her journey and the prejudices she endured with grace and tenacity!!!  

REMINDER: 1969 class does a dinner around Xmas that I look forward to every year!!!  Hope more will join in!!  We were a very special class!! 


02/20/17 03:43 PM #111    

Gary W. Brown

Great to read all this from '68-'69 PCS classmates, I remember Mr. Ordiway as he was my homeroom teacher. I was not a 'jock' but her was always very nice to me. Gerry Sheppard was my Driver Ed teacher also a great guy and as was Doug Sheppard for mechanical drawing, I have great memories of a few; Mr. Nicely, Mr. Gumina, Mr. Bell, Mrs. Terho, Mr. Nipher and got on very well with Mr. Holsworth even though I was summoned to "room 103" for some horrible indiscretions I had committed. Mr. Shelly thought I needed a couple of years at a reform school (like Manlius) as I was such a hell raiser. I graduated and went on to get a college degree.In early years and spent 40+ years in the hospitality industry all over the USA, Canada and Mexico. I had a 86 homes on a  paper route delivering the Rochester Times Union much of it in "Sunset Meadows" a developement accross Jefferson Road from PCS. The paper was $.40 a week and when 'collecting' if folks gave you $45. you had just hung the moon! Many of the Wilmot family lived in Sunset Meadows and every one of them gave me $.50 (bucks deluxe!). The paper route took me from after school until darkness. I later went on to work at The Arrows Restaurant in Henrietta (and dated a Henrietta girl) and later The Depot as a bus boy and car parker. These were great years! I stay up with about 10 classmates from '67-'69 and consider Pittsford my home town. I am semi retired but do marketing consulting work for resorts and hotels in the US and Mexico. I am coming off an assignment this week in Boston and will return to my home in Williamsburg and my wife of 31 years. We will put 'a beast' on the barbie and maybe open a bold, sturdy Stag's Leap.

Love All Around! Gary W. Brown, PCS '68.

02/20/17 06:30 PM #112    


David 0. Hughes

Hey Dan;

I am guessing that Pittsford may not have as many clubs any more.  I don't have kids, but I think now you pretty much pay for extra curricular things like sports, clubs, etc.  We were lucky.  Of course now it seems that just a 4.0 average and great test scores won't get you into anywhere, so doing other things is mandatory.   I am happy not to be applying to colleges today.

02/20/17 06:31 PM #113    


David 0. Hughes

By the way, can someone tell me how to get a picture in the little box.  There is an admission of IT ignorance!

02/20/17 07:44 PM #114    

Robert E. (Bob) Koster

Mrs McClure threw the dinner plates.  Dave Snyder lost his pinky finger in a joiner accident.  I know that from my oldest brother who had his fingers partly chewed up the same way, but didn't lose any.  I call many of these teachers by their first names because I taught at Sutherland for 6 years.  Before I had Ann Gratian's class, she scared the hell out of me.  Once in her class, I thought of her as one of the best I had, and I had many of the same ones all of you thought were great.  Not much disagreement there.  I think it's pretty cool that we all appreciated them, and even more it seems as the years go on.

02/20/17 08:09 PM #115    

Lanny Traber (Traber)

Hi Dave, the way I uploaded a picture was to click on the "image" icon button next to the "Source" button on the top tool bar above.  You will then see a "Choose File" button.  If you click that it will give you a menu to choose where the picture is located.  Click the one where the picture can be found and then select the picture you want to upload. Once you select the picture then click on the "Upload" button.  Another way to upload a picture is to select a picture from your photo library or website and copy it.  Then in this Message Forum box paste the picture.  Let me know if you have any questions. 

02/20/17 08:12 PM #116    


Peggy Hughes (St. James)

Mr Rollins!  All the girls thought he was so handsome.   And he must have been all of 23?  Not much older than us now!

02/20/17 08:30 PM #117    

Lanny Traber (Traber)

Bob - Mrs. McClure was hilarious.  I couldn't believe it the first time she threw a plate.  I remember going to her house for dinner one night.  She invited the class I was in over for dinner.  I think she threw a plate that night too.

Dan - do you remember the night that your band The Lastraw and Bob Chamberlain's band The Warmen got together at Bob Legge's house to have a mini battle of the bands?  I was texting with Bob Chamberlain today and he told me that he still has a tape recording of both of your bands from that night.  I was kind of a roadie that night for Bob's band.

02/21/17 02:26 AM #118    


Wendy Dischinger (VanVoorhis)

Re: Florida Reunion- What a great idea!! I'm sort of snowbirding but home by March 1st so won't be able to attend this year. 

02/21/17 01:03 PM #119    

Brian Terho

I had Mr. Karr for Drivers Ed and Mr. Grammar for English. Whoever did the hiring over there had a good sense of humor.

02/25/17 09:23 AM #120    


Bradley K. Sherman

If I could do it all over again I would spend less time driving to and from basketball games, drunk, on bald tires, in the snow.

05/19/18 09:46 AM #121    


Dennis Jones

Soon I want to post a list of Class of 1968 Classmates that I can't find a clue on their current location. I'm thinking that the combined 68/69 roster might have some clues to offer. Plus if you guys can scan the list of classmates and see some names that haven't signed up, please contact them if you have an address or phone number. Class of 69 would do well to start a search early. Thanks, see ya in October! D. Jones, 68 Search Guy

05/28/18 12:26 PM #122    


Dennis Jones

YOUR ASSISTANCE IS REQUESTED! My search is now done. Thank you Chairmarm, Nancy Ferris and Hotelier, Gary Brown for the support and encouragement. Scott Hill, I want to compare notes with you at the BIG event ... October 12-13! I used, Zaba, Findpeople and Peoplefinder to get addresses for missing Classmates with the same name and age (67-68). I then wrote, emailed or called them on the phone (some were found on Facebook). So ... if you can locate any of these people please do so. Some of of people got the letter or phone call and didn't sign up? If the letter or email didn't return to me I assumed they got the message but I don't know for sure. You may want to look at  the Classmates profile to the left and review for names of people that have not yet signed up. A green check or another mark indicates that they are signed up. If they don't sign up then we can't contact them. OK ... here is my list of "still missing/no clue." PS some are deceased and we will update that list at the reunion. Sorry, a bit out of order. PS CALL PITTSFORD SCHOOLS AND REQUEST A COPY OF THEIR RECORDS ...RE: OFFICIAL 1969 CLASS GRADUATES. I HAD TO FILE A FOIA BUT THEY DIDN'T CHARGE ME FOR A COPY. IT'S TOO CONFUSING HAVE THE TWO CLASSES ON ONE LIST. YOU'D BE SUPRISED HOW MANY KIDS YOU GREW UP WITH ENDED UP IN ANOTHER GRADUATING CLASS AND HOW MANY OLDER KIDS ENDED UP IN YOUR CLASS ... NOW GET TO WORK!

Barbara Ann Bennett                   Michael S. Bennett                        Lynne C. Bradley

Sue Clumm                                  Sue Colby                                      Kathleen Virginia Holtz

Nancy A. Johnson                        Patricia Sue Johnson                    Wendie Ellen Kehn

Cheryl G. Fahrenkrug                  Sharon M. Ferrin                            Barbara Griffin

Sally Mae Hansen                       Linda A. Healey (Bradeton, FL?)   Vincent Lawson

Robert A. Lewis                           Bill Miller                                        Alice R. Liebson

Jan C. Edwards                           Kathleen Jean McKenna               Christopher Mentch (sister Laura on FB)

John Robinson                            Patricia Lea Rooney                      David N. Mitchell

Michael Joseph Murphy              Ronald Bruce Nelson                    Gregory William Onash

Thomas J. Piechura                    Thomas J. Price                             John A. Records

Douglas Bradley Reed                James Gregory Young                   Mike Zent

Ronald Robert Gurenson             Tim G. Rothwell                             HAPPY HUNTING!                                                                        

06/26/18 08:48 AM #123    


Kathy Lockwood (Benson)


is this still your not found list?  I think we will put it on the home page to draw attention to it.  You have done an amazing job.  wanna do class of 69 too??????


08/07/18 01:38 PM #124    


Dennis Jones

Let's eat and let's send Pam our Check! This article outlines the establishment where we shall celebrate  our 50th! I'ts not the Tapas part but the event space attached to it. Across from Pittsford Plaza. See ya there .... and bring your appitite! Paste this address into the search box.


08/21/18 12:18 PM #125    


Dennis Jones

.... MORE shameless (and guiltless) Promotion .... if you want to see a 1968 Classmate hobble on stage and play mind numbing rock .... Record Archive ... Thursday September 6th @ 6pm! For all of you on a fixed income ... it's FREE!

08/21/18 12:23 PM #126    


Dennis Jones

PS .... I'm sending my check to Pam on September 1st.

08/21/18 01:54 PM #127    

Gary W. Brown

DJ, I would love to hear your band! If I lived closer I might be a able to attend more of your  concerts.

Forever an optomist, I sent my check to Pam for Suzie and I to attend a while back. It's not like we can get a reservation at Eddie's Chop House as it is no more. Thank for you fine detective work on behalf of the class of PCS '68!

Gary "Downtown" Brown

08/22/18 12:28 PM #128    


Dennis Jones

THANK YOU DT BROWN ... thank you for the kind words. Listening to the live CD should be about the same without the excessive VOLUME! Dude you are really into it .. maybe trade in the goatee fer a mohawk?

09/05/18 03:47 PM #129    


Dennis Jones

Now I've noticed Sharon Ferrin's name on the passing list, guess I didn't notice before. RIP dear Classmate.

09/12/18 05:13 PM #130    

Dave Jensen

Looking forward to the 13th of October does anyone know if there is a home football game that weekend?

09/23/18 11:53 AM #131    


Dennis Jones

I sent this info to Dave .... there is a Home game on the 12th  7pm. Hey that's when the Party starts!

04/09/19 10:34 AM #132    

Doug P. Allen

For Dan Goodenow.... Dan, here's a link to my old boy scout group.... It met behind one of the Brighton Schools.  Some of the other members of Tay House Troop 19 included Tom May, John Webster, Stephen Satterwhite, and several others... (my memories are a bit dim on the "Boy Scout years").    Hope to see you in October at the Class Reunion!!


Doug Allen

04/11/19 08:24 AM #133    

Dan Goodenow

For Doug Allen:

Doug, thanks for writing.  It's been a while since I ahve contacted anyone on this site.  That's great you guys are planning the 50th. I'll try to attend, but I can't make any promises.  I've retired from my architectural job in Boston, but am continuing my own practice that I've had over many years.  Additionally, I've taken on a part-time at Lehey Hospital in Burlington, MA as a transporter.  I start next week.  With this new schedule, I'll have to see how my variuos schedules work out before I can plan any excursions.

Why a transporter you may ask?  Well, about 9 months ago, I had to end my recreational ice hockey because I received a concussion and being on blood thinners due to my Factor V Leiden, my doctor said it had to end. Needing more physical exercise to make up for it, and looking around for a job that would provide some exercise instead of my wicked passive, sit on my butt, architectural computer face time, I considered being a pizza delivery guy, (a combination of walking and driving), and also interviewed for a job at Home Depot on the freight dock.  The same day of that H D interview, I scored the transporter job.  My new boss assured me I'd be doing a lot of walking!

Having worked in a large hospital in Philly years ago, I'm looking forward to the exercise and being a part of a new team.  Also helping out folks in their time of need can't be overlooked. One of the more difficult things in this process was to put a resume and cover letter together for the first time in about 20 years; especially for a new job category.  I had to play down the design abilities and stress the team work, getting along with people and other basic attributes.  I was very lucky that my former co-workers bailed me out with good references, (so they say) :)

As for the scouts back in Pittsford, I do remember Danny Kropp and I joining a troop in Bushnell's Basin. Bob Legge, Jim Womeldorf and Greg Wolf, I believe were in a troop in Pittsford.  Kropp earned the rank of Life and was senior patrol leader.  I only made it to the rank of Star.  We lasted thru 8th grade and then football, other sports and our band, (Lastraws and later The Sound Brewery), took over our time.  Looking at your group of former troop members, maybe there was something in scouting that made a bunch of us join rock cover bands.  Funny, I never got the music merit badge!  :)

As for the last reunion, I really enjoyed sitting next to Scott Hill, visiting with Wendy and of course seeing Ellen again.  Her conversation was heart-felt.

Time in a bottle....


PS:  I hope Scott was able to follow his Northeastern Hockey Team this year.  They had a great season agian!

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